Donation of notebooks to Pontybrenin Primary School


Donation of notebooks to Pontybrenin Primary School.

Back last year at the first Swanseacon, attendees were told that profits made from SwanseaCon 2015 would go toward helping provide free netbooks for children, which they would then use to learn to code at a free summer code camp.

In August 2015, 10 netbooks were purchased and the idea was to have a day of coding with children and afterwards the children would get to keep the computers to continue their learning. SwanseaCon is run by myself (@11vlr) and as well as the conference I teach @CodeClub once a week at a local school (@GorseinonPS) and am also heavily involved in @IgniteSwansea and @SwanseaSDC so as you can imagine my time can be stretched quite a bit at times and I struggled to arrange the coding day.

Based on the fact that I already help children code and wanting to help as many children get in to coding as possible I decided that perhaps the best approach would be to donate the computers to a local school, potentially helping a lot more than the 10 children I initially hoped to help. Ahead of our second year in August 2016, I was made aware by a work colleague that Pontybrenin Primary School were trying to raise funds to get computers for the children. I was amazed to find out they didn’t have any at all and so this was an easy decision! Yesterday the 10 notebook computers were handed over!

Thank you!

I’d like to thank both Simon Brown and Jiri Knesl for both support and financial assistance to help make this happen as well as the fantastic support from attendees and sponsors for the last two years - none of this would have been possible without you all so thank you.

Just the smallest of things like donating the netbooks will make a massive difference to help the school and children as well as helping the wider goal of trying to build and foster a great tech community in South Wales, UK.

Thanks again for your support,


SwanseaCon 2017

Blind early bird tickets are currently on sale for SwanseaCon 2017. The speakers and schedule are yet to be announced which is why the tickets have been made available at a reduced cost but we hope to have a few of this years favourites return as well as lots of new attendees/speakers.

See you there!

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