Meet the Speaker: Dave Stokes


Meet the Speaker: Dave Stokes.

What’s your session topic?

MySQL 8 Server Optimization

Why is your topic important?

So many folks run MySQL and the new version of MySQL has some big changes for the better. Hopefully my session will help uses exploit those new changes. The new temporary file type and histograms will be a big win for many.

What are the prerequisites should the audience have for attending your session?

Hopefully if they do not run MySQL they will know a little about relational databases. For those that run MySQL I hope this will polish their knowledge.

How long have you been in this industry?

My first programming ex[erience was at Grossmont Community College in El Cajon CA (and I doubt any alumi will be joining me) in 1978. Fortan on punch cards on a Digital Equipement Corporation KL 1091 36 bit computer. And I started getting paid to work on computers not long after. And yes back then dinosaurs did roam the school parking lots which could prove very messy.

What is one of those things you wish you knew when you started out in this industry?

It is okay to say ‘I do not know; let me go explore’. Too many feel guilty they do not know everything and do not admit they need to research. Of course once you join the ranks of those of us who do know everything it makes you humble. ;-)

Have you spoken at or attended SwanseaCon before?

Yes, twice.

What made you want to speak at SwanseaCon this year?

The audience is very sharp and it is always a joy to talk to a great audience. That and Viv Richards keeps promissing to introduce me to Catherine Zeta-Jones when she comes to the conference. Viv: Is she still planning on attending this year??

Are there any sessions other than your own which you are looking forward to at SwanseaCon?

I’m here for the argument, How to build products people care about, and Questioning Requirements. I generally recommend first time conferce attendees attend one session on a subject they know zero about to expand their horizons. That is if there is a hole in your schedule where there are no must attend sessions and that is often hard to do at Swanseacon. And if you have questions for any speaker, please ask – even if it is before/after their talk as all the presenters love to sahre their knowledge.

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