Meet the Speaker: Shahid Iqbal


Meet the Speaker: Shahid Iqbal.

What’s your session topic?

Kubernetes for .NET developers

Why is your topic important?*

Arguably Kubernetes has become the de facto container orchestration platform, however with its origins in firmly in the Linux world it can be a daunting subject for .NET developers who traditionally come from a Windows world.

Kubernetes also provides .NET developers an opportunity to utilise the same platform to deploy both traditional full .NET framework applications and also newer .NET Core applications, this is a journey many .NET shops will be embarking on as they modernise their software and a platform like Kubernetes can help make the transition easier by providing many capabilities that would otherwise need to be created by the team.

My talk tries to break down the barriers to entry for people by demonstrating how quickly you can get started with Kubernetes and once you have the basics you can go away and dig deeper into this amazing and comprehensive platform.

What are the prerequisites should the audience have for attending your session?

It would help the audience if they have an understanding of what Containers are and how to create them, my talk will cover what you can do with containers once you’ve created them.

How long have you been in this industry?

About 10yrs now as a .NET developer/Architect with the past 2 years as a freelance hands-on consultant.

What is one of those things you wish you knew when you started out in this industry?

That there are only 2 hard things in computer science

  • Naming things
  • Cache invalidation
  • Off by one errors

Have you spoken at or attended SwanseaCon before?


What made you want to speak at SwanseaCon this year?

I enjoyed being part of the inaugural DDD Wales and love talking about cool tech to as many people as possible, I’ve not spoken in Wales much so it’s an opportunity to meet more like minded people. I also particularly enjoy the atmosphere of smaller more intimate events where you can be a bit more relaxed.

Are there any sessions other than your own which you are looking forward to at SwanseaCon?

I’m not sure I can single out any specific sessions as the whole line-up looks great. It’s a shame I miss the sessions that are on at the same time as I am speaking!

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